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Thank you for visiting the website of Gotemba Yuyama Acupuncture and Massage Clinic. We highly recommend you to visit us before or after your sightseeing of Mount Fuji, as our clinic is conveniently located in Gotemba. Our clinic provides not only traditional acupuncture and massage treatments, but also mindfulness-related services that are applicable to Zen and yoga practices. We are proud to have provided our services to multinational companies and Japan national sports teams as well. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve both physical and mental wellness, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Come and visit us to experience the pristine air, delicious food, and stunning scenery of Gotemba. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.


21-7 NimaibashiGotemba-shi, Shizuoka 412-0021 JAPAN


= Cosmetic Acupuncture=

At our clinic, we value being healthy and beautiful. Traditional eastern medicine has a technique that involves detecting and treating the internal organ abnormalities based on the matching areas of the skin, face, and soles of feet, as well as the feelings when those areas are pressed. Also, there is a treatment called "cosmetic acupuncture," which stimulates and circulates blood flow and "qi," a concept that refers to energy flowing throughout the body in Eastern medicine, through thin needles without pain. It is believed that when "qi" is stagnated or imbalanced, it can lead to physical discomfort or illness. Even in martial arts like judo and aikido, "qi" plays a crucial role. For instance, by concentrating "qi" during the attack, the technique becomes more effective.


There are various treatments from traditional Eastern medicine that aim to improve "qi" circulation, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage therapy. These therapies aim to increase self-healing by adjusting the flow of "qi" throughout the human body to eliminate any imbalance that can lead to illness.


While a person's self-healing power is invisible, cosmetic acupuncture seeks to achieve beauty not just in physical appearances but also in the mental health through a holistic approach. For those who want to experience a moment where their face is lifted and their skin is well-moisturized, or for those seeking to improve their total life balance, we recommend trying cosmetic acupuncture.


Those who receive URU treatment can choose from two courses based on their skin improvement needs:

A. Beauty acupuncture long- For those who need intensive wrinkle and skin quality improvement.

B. Facial adjustment- For those who want to improve facial bloating and face-lifting.


□10 tickets 110,000 yen

□ 5 tickets  55,000 yen
One-time ticket  11,000 yen (50min)


LED light therapy is included as a free extra benefit.

≪video of the cosmetic acupuncture experience≫


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If making a reservation, please specify the desired course, the areas of the body you would like adjusted, and the preferred date and time in Japanese time. Please note that we can provide treatment for up to two people simultaneously. If one person wishes to go sightseeing during the treatment, please let us know beforehand. We can introduce nearby sightseeing spots such as traditional Japanese tea houses and temples.